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Edouard Baer's welcoming speech

Edouard Baer -  AFP

Edouard Baer - AFP

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and other kinds of people. Oh, my heart is full of joy, my body happy…. Life is…

Untranslatable in French

I am truly happy to be here. I remember me as a boy simply watching the Festival on television and I was amazed - me, the 'Cht'i', a young man of the north - by this strange ritual of the south known as the "Climbing of the Steps". But where are they going? Where are they climbing to? Where are these happy few, these heavyweights in their tuxedoes going? Where are the arrogant and proud going? Where is the jewelry going? Where are the sprayed hair-dos going? Where are these endless legs with no-one at the other end going? And you, magnificent octogenarian with at your arms a Russian child, where are you running to? And you - who left the keys to your yacht in the glove compartment of your Porsche - where are you going?

Yes, where do these steps lead to? Where are the queens of an evening and lesser stars going?

Where are these holders of privileged Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Jesus Christ cards going?

Leading along in their wake regiments of mikes and cameras magnetized by their brilliance.

They are going to lose themselves in wonder at the breathtaking labyrinth films imagined by David Lynch.

They are going to hear the celestial down-and-outs of Emir Kusturica cry out their scandalous "joie de vivre".

They are going to accompany Maurice Pialat's stricken heroes along the path to redemption.

They are going to discover, in tears, to what point can go, as filmed by Cristian Mungiu, and the meaning of the friendship of a young Romanian woman, their sister in the order of night.

For having kidnapped the great fuss of the world to the benefit of the most singular beauties, Festival de Cannes, I thank you.

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Edouard Baer's welcoming speech

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Edouard Baer's welcoming speech

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