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Jury Press Conference

Audrey  Delbru

Audrey Delbru

The Jury of this 61st edition of the Festival of Cannes met the press today.

The Jury of this 61st edition of the Festival of Cannes met the press today. Journalists questioned the members – President Sean Penn, actresses Jeanne Balibar, Alexandra Maria Lara, and Natalie Portman, actor Sergio Castellitto, and directors Marjane Satrapi, Rachid Bouchareb, Alfonso Cuarón, and Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Highlights.

Sean Penn on the jury and prize-giving:
The idea here is that we are going to see 22 movies. This is a very talented [jury] and I think like-minded in our approach towards how we are going to receive the movies. In my view, it won’t be a competition; what will happen is that we will come to a consensus: no film to be hurt and some films that deserve it to get a leg up and to be celebrated and to be shared for a wider audience, which we know the stamp of Cannes has long had and earned…”
We are going to make every effort here to have clear minds, hearts and just experience these movies, and choose those that we have an opportunity to celebrate…”
The idea is to listen to the heart of the film and to watch for the heart of the film. I’m very happy to, in some cases, newly discover the work of some of my fellow jurors, but I know that we have a group of people from all over the world, so all the ways in which those things will influence itself should come to a fair consensus…”
I don’t see us as judging the films; I see us as responding with enthusiasm when given the opportunity by the film quality. ”

Alfonso Cuaron on the multicultural feeling of cinema:
We are a product of the world we live in today so in that way we are all multicultural…”
I believe that film is the nation and cinema is the language. ”

On the artistic value of the films:
Marjane Satrapi:
A film, before everything, is a work of art and not a leaflet; if it’s a leaflet, you just read it and then you throw it away and that has no interest. No matter what the message is, it is an artistic work and that makes it. That is its value. Ten years after, it still remains a good movie. ”
Rachid Bouchareb :
I arrive at the festival open to discover the films, even if my own films are always filled with certain political ideas. Sometimes we just let ourselves flow with the film for two hours, but anyway you look at it, the choice of decor, music, sounds, color, images and characters are always relating particular ideas in my view. ”

Natalie Portman on this Cannes experience:
Extremely honored to be part of this jury. Obviously Cannes represents the height of cinema from all around the world. It’s an incredible opportunity to get to see so many films, from so many different countries…”
It’s a great pressure. It’s all these great films that we have to judge and to be in the position of a judge is very humbling, because all the filmmakers are so incredible and who am I to say something, but I will. ”

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Jury Press Conference (VF)

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Jury Press Conference (VO)

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Jury Press Conference

The Jury of this 61st edition of the Festival of Cannes met the press today.
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Jury Press Conference

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