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Nine short films in Competition

Ezra Rishona (Photo du film)

Ezra Rishona (Photo du film)


This Saturday, the short films enter the Competition at 11:00, Salle Debussy. Nine films and two hours of screening will culminate in the Palme d’or for short films. The Jury, presided by Etom Egoyan, will announce its winner Sunday evening.

In Estaçao (Station), by Portuguese Marcia Faria, Ines leaves Brasilia for Saõ Paolo in pursuit of her dream of becoming and actress. Once she is there she has no place to live and she decides to stay at the Tiete  bus station.
A word from the director: “The whole film was shot in the Tiete bus station. It is the second largest in the world. The story is based on the experience of an actress. She told me about this episode in her life and I wanted to adapt it.”

Blokes (Blocks), the short film by Chilean Marialy Rivas, takes place in 1986, at the time of the dictatorship in Chile. Thirteen-year old Luchito lives in a working class complex of blocks in Santiago du Chile. He is obsessed by Manuel, a sixteen-year old who lives in the building across from him.
A word from the director: “I was still a child during the dictatorship in Chile. We were living in a climate of horror. But at that age, one is not necessarily aware. This story is inspired by a story by Pedro Lembel. When I read this story I fell in love with it.”

The short animation film by Serge Avedikian, Chienne d’histoire (Barking Island), is inspired by a true story. In 1910, the government of Constantinople decided to get rid of the stray dogs that had invaded the city. The solution was to send them to an island off the coast.
A word from the director: “I came to Cannes last year because I had played in Guédiguian’s film The Army of Crime”. But when you are a director, you are not under the same kind of pressure, you are the one carrying the child.”

Micky Bader, the short film by Swedish Frieda Kempff is the portrait of an elderly woman. Every day for nearly a half a century, she has gone swimming with her friends who belong to an ocean swim club.
A word from the director: “It’s a film on two levels: there is this old lady who goes swimming and the film also bears witness on the question of choices and consequences. It lets us look at the Second World War from a new perspective.”

In Muscles, Australian director Edward Housden has chosen to tell the story of a child, Richard,  who is having a hard time dealing with his sister’s masculinity, while she dreams of becoming a bodybuilder.
A word from the director:  “If Muscles doesn’t look like an Australian film, that’s intentional. We tried to find European-style actors. If the film talks about muscles it’s because I don’t have any!”

Rosa is both the  title of this short film by Argentinean director, Monica Lairana, and the name of the main character in her film. This single woman leads a very banal existence. She looks for some company.
A word from the director: “I wanted to tell this story about solitude because it’s something I am very sensitive to when I see people in that situation.”
To Swallow a Toad is a short film animated by Latvian director Jurğis Krāsons. The inhabitants of a village make a name for their town by their ability to swallow toads—until the day that outsiders find out and take advantage of it.
A word from the director: “I wanted to talk about this subject because in our day, people put up with just about everything and maybe it’s high time we just said 'stop'!’’

With Maya, Cuban director Pedro Pio Martin Perez signs a documentary on fight dogs. An owner trains his dog for the big day.
A word from the director:  “I don’t think that you have to make a distinction between fiction and the documentary. It’s enough to say things in a way that can move people, touch them and raise their awareness.”

Ezra Rishona (First Aid), signed by Israeli director Yarden Karmin, tells the story of Shay on the eve of his wedding. He visits Tamar, his ex-girlfriend. Everything gets complicated when Tamar leaves a hickey on the bridegroom’s neck.
A word from the director: “This film is the story of a couple that should have ended up together. It’s based on feelings that are similar to things I have felt but it isn’t autobiographical.”




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Nine short films in Competition

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Nine short films in Competition

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