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Press conference for The Tree by Julie Bertuccelli

Charlotte Gainsbourg (© AFP)

Charlotte Gainsbourg (© AFP)

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Julie Bertuccelli's The Tree press conference

The entire film crew of The Tree got together for an all-female press conference. The director, Julie Bertuccelli, came accompanied by her two actresses, Charlotte Gainsbourg and young Morgana Davies, as well as the two producers of the film. Selected extracts.

Julie Bertuccelli, on the choice of adapting the book by Judy Pascoe:
It's to see this mother and daughter each go through their mourning process, and this little girl who creates this imaginary world, who takes her time growing up. And this mother, who almost neglects her children, who finds her way little by little. As soon as I decided I wanted to make this film, it seemed obvious to come and go between these two points of view.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, on acting in English
Acting in English, I think it changes things because it is far removed from me. It's my mother's language, but not mine. But because it's far, maybe it gives more freedom, maybe I feel more comfortable and maybe it's better. 

Julie Bertuccelli, on the tree being a character in the film
We tried, with the chief cameraman, to film it like a person. Not to be anthropomorphic, or make it a fantasy. We found the right distance. We had to find different ways of filming it: the tree wasn't changing! There was a lots of editing to do. The mixing and the sound were also very important to give it this mysterious side.

Charlotte Gainsbourg and her relationship with nature

I am a city girl and I'm not sensitive to nature at all. But when we went there and I saw the tree, I told myself "My god, I understand why we had to come so far"

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Press conference for The Tree by Julie Bertuccelli

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Press conference for The Tree by Julie Bertuccelli

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