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Robin Hood press conference

The actors of Robin Hood, Russel Crowe and Cate Blanchett, held the Festival's first press conference together with the film's producer, Brian Helgeland. Ridley Scott, the film's director, was unable to attend for medical reasons. Here are some selected quotes.

The goal of the film, according to Russel Crowe:
"There have been several film versions of Robin Hood. But I felt that none really conveyed the human side of the character. What we really wanted to do more than anything else was to show the true face of the character. What we should do is to try to awaken people's curiosity. There are enough historical truths in this film for people to take an interest in the reign of King John."

Brian Helgeland, on his past participation in the Festival:
"I have come to Cannes with numerous films. Some were controversial and worked really well. I came here with Angelina Jolie, but also with other smaller films. It's a very important festival because the eyes of the world are on Cannes. It's a great honour to come to Cannes, and it's a great honour to participate in the Festival."

Russel Crowe, on his role:
"Robin Hood is very simple, he's concerned about the suffering of the human race. It's a preoccupation that has always existed: we have always wanted to great the best possible world."
"We wanted to show a tough hero in the film, a man who takes up arms against King John. The year is right, and so is the name, but we have made up the rest."

Robin Hood in Russel Crowe's childhood:
"When I was young, I loved all Robin Hoods, the films, the series. For me, Robin Hood is part of my youth."

Cate Blanchett, answering a question about the role of Maid Marion in previous films and series:
"I don't really remember any of them. Marion is extremely beautiful, but I would rather have played Robin Hood!"

The Robin Hood of today, according to Russel Crowe:
"If Robin Hood were alive today, I think he would try to settle the score with Wall Street, the financial crisis, banks. I think that if he were here today, he should deal with the monopoly of the media."


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Ridley Scott's Robin Hood press conference

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Robin Hood press conference

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Robin Hood press conference

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