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Jeff Nichols: "I like to dwell on nature"

Reese Witherspoon © FIF/LF

Reese Witherspoon © FIF/LF

On Saturday, the actors and producers of Mud, the third feature film by American director Jeff Nichols, responded to questions from journalists at a press conference.

Jeff Nichols on the film's theme:
"If there is a common thread that runs through this film, it is love, unrequited love. I thought it would be interesting to look at that through the eyes of a child, Ellis. The story revolves around this boy. He is desperately searching for a love that works."


Reese Witherspoon on her links with the Southern states of America:
"I grew up near a river. My brother and I used to do motocross, we went fishing... I felt at home and that is rare on screen. Few films show the Southern United States as it really is. In general, I don't take on this type of role, but when I read the script, I was reassured to know that this film would ring true."

Jeff Nichols explains his relationship with nature:
"In this particular film, love is a part of nature. It's a fascinating place for 14 year-old children. I needed this visual aspect. I try to ensure that each story is unique. I have my own style and I like to dwell on nature. The film's pace enables you to think."

Matthew McConaughey on love, the central theme of the film:
"I loved revisiting the first time you fall in love. It is often ruthless. My character has his head in the clouds. If he were to come back down to earth, he'd die of a broken heart."

Tye Sheridan talks about his experience:
"I prepared myself by staying in touch with nature, which incidentally is something I've always done. It reminded me of the place where I grew up. I learned a lot from Matthew. It's wonderful to be able to observe these experienced actors. We were good friends from the start."

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Press Conference "Mud"

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Jeff Nichols: "I like to dwell on nature"

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Jeff Nichols: "I like to dwell on nature"

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