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Lou Ye presents Mystery, opening Un Certain Regard

Cast film © FIF/LF

Cast film © FIF/LF

After the selection of Purple Butterfly, Summer Palace and Spring Fever in Competition, Lou Ye this year presents Mystery at Un Certain Regard. After a five- year ban on filming, the Chinese director once again defies the censors.
The themes in the work of director Lou Ye, ranging from Tiananmen Square to homosexuality, suggest that the filmmaker loves nothing more than smashing taboos. In Summer Palace, Lou Ye revisits events on Beijing’s notorious square, via the loving relationship between two students. In addition to his film being censored in China, the Asian director was banned from filming for five years. "At the time, I was on the point of giving it all up." And yet, in virtual secrecy, he then went on to make Spring Fever, which picked up Best Screenplay at Cannes in 2009. "I always proceed in secret whatever the film, because I want to focus all my attention on the film itself."


He has succeeded in escaping the censorship, prohibitions and rules of the Chinese regime. Yet Lou Ye dreams only of one thing: seeing his films "screened in China." In Mystery, he tells the story of the shattered life of Lu Jie, who would never have imagined that her husband Yanzhao could lead a double life, until one day she sees him enter a hotel with another woman.
But despite all these obstacles, Lou Ye remains humble: "It has nothing to do with revenge. I just do my work in my own way, shooting as freely and naturally as I can.I am in conflict with no-one. "
Mystery will be screened at the Théâtre Debussy on Thursday, 17 May at 11 am and 7.45 pm.







Questionnaire Un Certain Regard : Lou Ye for Mystery


1- What does Un Certain Regard mean to you?

" Focusing on film. "


2- Why is cinema essential to you?

" Because I like cinema. "


3- Which type of cinema or which film continues to inspire you?                                              

" There’re many of them. "


4- What question would you like to ask to any film director?

« Why do you make films? »


5- What are you expecting from the Festival de Cannes ?

" I hope more people will see our film and I also hope to see more film. "


6- A few words on your first day at Cannes?

" Technical screenings. "

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Lou Ye presents Mystery, opening Un Certain Regard

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Lou Ye presents Mystery, opening Un Certain Regard

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