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SPECIAL SCREENING - Panama, interview with Pavle Vučković

Film crew © FDC / M. Petit

Film crew © FDC / M. Petit

Pavle Vučković presents Panama at the Special Screenings. A love story between young couple Jovan and Maja, it is the 33-year-old Serbian's first feature film and is in the running for the Caméra d’or.


Is there one specific subject that you wished to develop in your feature film?

I always start with a kind of picture and then I develop the script around this. Then you can look back at what my intention was. It could be the loss of intimacy or a story about growing up; different kinds of stories can be projected into the film. I think it is important to project some meaning, because if you plan the meaning, it is too obvious and banal at the end.


Film Still © Djordje Arambasic


What is the purpose of the film?

It is a love story. I tried to portray the kind of relationship pattern that you often have when you are younger. After which, you become more experienced. At the beginning, I didn’t decide on gender. Actually, initially, Panama was more a thriller than a love story. Now it is a love story in the format of a thriller, and it is not a love story seen from both sides but only from the male character's point of view, the way he reacts to her and what he thinks about her. It follows his ups and downs with her throughout the film. I picked up his point of view because, as a male, I understand his point of view better. I thought it would be much more interesting if I only chose one side of the relationship. It is all about projection.


Was it important to you to film in Belgrade?

Except for one scene, Panama was filmed entirely in Belgrade. It was important for me as it is partly where I grew up, and some of the locations in the film are directly connected to personal things. We wanted it to be hyper-realistic, to look like real life. I chose specific places in Belgrade that have a poetical and lyrical ambiance, especially the apartment of the female character and the places that are connected to her.


Why Panama?

One of the characters moves to Panama in the film and Panama, coming from Serbia, sounds exciting and attractive!


Interview by Charlotte Pavard




Saturday 16th May / Soixantième Theatre / 6.15 pm

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SPECIAL SCREENING - Panama, interview with Pavle Vučković

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SPECIAL SCREENING - Panama, interview with Pavle Vučković

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