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Andrew Dominik: "The capitalist crisis is a never-ending story"

Brad Pitt © FIF/CD

Brad Pitt © FIF/CD

The Australian director Andrew Dominik, Brad Pitt and all the cast of Killing Them Softly, presented today in Competition, talked to journalists this morning.

Andrew Dominik goes back to the subject of the film:
"I found the characters in George V. Higgin's Cogan’s Trade wonderful. This book depicts criminality. When I began to adapt it, I realised that it was also the tale of an economic crisis, that of capitalism. It's a never-ending story."

The Australian director talks about the violence in his film:
"I love violence in films. How else can dramatic situations be depicted, if we don't use violence? Grimm's fairy tales are violent but their message is meant for children. This is a bit like what happens in Killing Them Softly. All the characters in the film know how guilty and awkward killing can make you feel, so they try to make violence painless. They want it to be as humane as possible for their victims."

Andrew Dominik, about the characters in the film:
"They are typical criminal characters, with a funny side to them. The character played by Brad Pitt thinks that the world in which we live is the result of natural selection."

Brad Pitt, on the characters in the film:
"We play characters who have clear-cut opinions in a divided country. I do not necessarily share the points of view shown in the film. I prefer playing a killer rather than a racist. Jackie Cogan tries to kill softly so that it is not too painful for his victim, who has to die no matter what happens. This last point is a reflection on business, which can be merciless."

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