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Press Conference - Jane Campion: "I feel free to make the right decision. We'll vote for our favourite film…"

Jane Campion © AFP

Jane Campion © AFP

The 67th Festival de Cannes Jury, presided over by Jane Campion, gave its inaugural press conference today. The members of the Jury revealed a confident and enthusiastic outlook. Extracts.


Jane Campion


"We have a great responsibility resting on our shoulders. I've had a lifetime of loving cinema and it's that whole lifetime that makes me who I am as a cinema watcher. I always find it exciting to try and understand a director's vision of the world. For all of us, our passion for cinema is what will make up our responses now. I can't even anticipate what we're going to feel in advance. Each film is different, it can be delicate or savage, but all these things are a surprise...part of it is feeling feelings you haven't felt before."


Carole Bouquet


"All the films that have been selected here are more than just in the limelight, so obviously things are going to be quite subjective, but if they have been selected, it's because they are very worthy films, in cinematographic terms. We've decided, and Jane has asked us, not to read the press during the festival so we can stay objective."


Sofia Coppola


"A few different directing styles are represented, and we're just looking forward to being surprised. We'll take things as they come."


Leila Hatami


"We shall be seeing a lot of very good films. For me, it's not going to be an easy choice."


Do-Yeon Jeon


"I'm quaking, I'm quite worried about it, but the most important thing is the films."


Willem Dafoe


"I'm expecting to see some good films and find myself involved in a creative process, the outcome of which will be our decision. It's exciting, creative and fun."


Gael García Bernal


"Personally, I get a little bit distracted with the fact that this might be very serious. I like to see it as a game. We'll be watching all the films at our own pace, and I'm here for that."


Jia Zhangke


"Being involved in the Festival de Cannes is like being in the mood for love, like falling in love everyday. We'll be watching the films with open minds."


Nicolas Winding Refn


"We've all got opinions, but the best thing you can do is go with what you feel. We'll gossip and we'll talk about each other's children and we'll argue the hell out films. Whatever comes out the end is the right result."


Extracts chosen by Charlotte Pavard

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