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UN CERTAIN REGARD - That Lovely Girl: The story of a controversial relationship by Keren Yedaya

The film crew © AFP

The film crew © AFP

Keren Yedaya is an Israeli director. Un Certain Regard spotlights her latest film That Lovely Girl (Harhek Mi Headro). In 2009, Keren Yedaya attended the Festival for a Special Screening of Jaffa, a feature film about an ill-fated romance between an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man. Yedaya is known for her narratives that tackle issues head on. This year she explores the thorny topic of incest.


Still from the film © RR


Moshe and Tami share a modest apartment. But this is no ordinary couple. Moshe is aged 60; Tami is 22, and she feels adrift, restless and irritable. Their unconventional relationship is infested with a deep-seated malaise, and for good reason: Moshe and Tami are father and daughter. Israeli director Keren Yedaya makes her return to Cannes this year with a complex and subversive feature film on the subject of incest. The storyline of That Lovely Girl is loosely inspired by the book Far from his Absence by Israeli author Shez, whose sensitive and jolting treatment of an incestuous relationship made such an impression on the director that she sought to adapt it for the cinema at the earliest opportunity.

Keren Yedaya was born in the United States in 1972. She studied film and photography in Tel Aviv. A highly politicised director, her work engages deeply with social issues. As a lifelong militant feminist, women are at the epicentre of her films. One of her early films, Elinor, made at the end of her studies in 1994, chronicles the humiliating working conditions of a young woman in the Israeli army. Yedaya first came to Cannes in 2004 to present Or (My Treasure), a film about a mother and daughter’s experience of prostitution, which was awarded the Caméra d’or.

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