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In Competition – Feature Films
Directed by :
Istvan SZABO 
  • Jury Prize, 1985


Our film relating the story of Colonel Redl was not made on the basis of historical documents. It is the product of our imagination inspired by history. It is not the true story of Colonel Redl, simply one version and the most probable one of the personal history of people who had similar fates which have been made publicly known in variety of different ways. Here too, like every story, we show a version of the fight for the feeling of security. Alfred Redl thinks that he can only achieve the security he desires so much if he becomes somebody else, if he makes his own true self disappear, together with everything that reminds him and himself because he feels ashamed of himself and his race. The everyday betrayals which he carries out become more and more compelling - he betrays his family, class friends, benefactors and finally his own instincts and desires - and these push him into the depth of confusion of identity. His mask, the shield he forces upon himself, allows us, only for a few moments, to see his helplessness, his terror, his anxiety for protection behind his insecurity, his fears and worries.

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