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In Competition
Directed by :
  • Award for Best Director, 1989


Perhan, the illegitimate son of a soldier and a gipsy, much loved by his grandmother and concerned for his sick sister, is brought by deception to Italy. He "works" for Ahmed Djida, engages in theft and child-trafficking.
Returning to his homeland, he finds his childhood love, Azra, pregnant. He unjustly assumes that the child is not his own, but marries Azra who dies in childbirth.
He no longer believes in himself or others. All that remains for him is to take revenge on the man who wrenched him so brutally from the purity of childhood and his grandmother's love. The boy's great dream of a happy and wealthy future is shattered in an instant Perhan is killed by Ahmed's men. However, his dream persists. His son walks the dusty streets of the gypsy quarter, perhaps towards a different future.