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Un Certain Regard
Directed by :
Ghassan SALHAB 
120.00 minutes


Beirut today: a city destroyed seven times over and each time reconstructed; a city-construction site; a city that is changing.
One that reflects Soraya, central body of the film, as well as Leyla, Tarek, Nadim and Haïdar. These fragments of life are caught suspended in the present. We don't dare look back much less imagine a future.
Soraya, with her job as a tour guide, travels the country from one end to the other in the footsteps of ancient civilizations that are sometimes mixed with traces of the recent war. Soraya abandons herself to passing lovers and collects visas.
Leyla weaves between intense mysticism and atheism.
Nadim is an architect reinventing his city, making his contribution to the work of destruction and reconstruction.
Tarek has just returned to Lebanon and wonders why.
Haïdar is spectator of the news he announces on the radio as well as of his own life.
What sort of lives, what sort of stories can be invented after a catastrophe?
Ghassan SALHAB
Ghassan SALHAB



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