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In Competition – Feature Films
Directed by :
IM Kwon-Taek 
120.00 minutes


The late 18th Century of Chosun Dynasty, Mongryong, the son of Governor of Namwon falls headlong in love with Chunhyang, the daughter of retired courtesan, but decent lady with dignity. Although social status, Chunhyang and Mongryong's love become deeper and deeper.
On one unfortunate day, Mongryong must leave for Seoul. He promises to bring her to Seoul as a legal wife when he passes the state exam and becomes court official. As times have passed, Governor Byun heard of Chunhyang's beauty, arrives and order to her to be his courtesan. But Chunhyang refuses exclaiming her love for Mongryong and her right to be human. Infuriated Governor Byun order the guard to beat her with club and throw her into the prison.
In the meantime, Mongryong passes the state exam and comes to Namwon as a Royal emissary. Finally he saves his beloved Chunhyang and punishes Governor Byun for his injustice.
IM Kwon-Taek
IM Kwon-taek