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In Competition – Feature Films
Directed by :
95.00 minutes


June 1940...
The Germans are at the gates of Paris...
Odile, swayed by the widespread atmosphere of panic, flees the city with her two children...
Her son Philippe is twelve and her little daughter Cathy is seven.
Like everyone else, they head south...
They travel by day and by night in their car. The road is crowded. They make very slow progress. They soon run out of water.
On the second day of the journey, German Stukas strafe the column of refugees. The car catches fire. Odile and her children lose everything...
A teenage boy leads them into a nearby wood to protect them from the air attack... What can they do?... Go deeper into the forest or turn back to the deadly road?
They spend the night out in the open.
At dawn, they drift through the empty countryside that resembles a
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