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In Competition – Feature Films
Directed by :
Michael CIMINO 
118.00 minutes


When privileged, driven Dr. Michael Reynolds was taken hostage by a desperate, dangerous 16-year-old convict named "Blue", a remarkable journey began through the vast deserts of the West. Hardened by years of fighting to stay alive, Blue faces the largest challenge of his short life: finding the mystical healing lake amid the sacred mountain top a Navajo medicine man once told him of. He'll do anything to get there, including taking his oncologist hostage. As the journey further with each other, Michael and Blue cover terrain not only of the open road but of the spirit Michael becomes profoundly affected by his intense, uncompromising hijacker and comes finally to question his own convictions. He begins to consider the possibility that the boy's mythical mountain top might indeed exist, and through Blue's unerring faith, find the courage to confront the secret torment of his own past.
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