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In Competition – Feature Films
Directed by :
Jacques AUDIARD 
105.00 minutes
  • Award for the Best Screenplay, 1996


One evening in November 1944, during the final months of a war he didn't fight, a man decides to become a hero. Or rather, to be taken for a hero... to invent a wonderful life for himself, more beautiful, more colourful than his own. In an era lending itself to all kinds of confusion, in the hard and strange Paris of the winter of '44, he masters the art of lying, using omission and allusion to build a shadowy character like no other. After having succeeded introducing himself into Resistance circles, he is called to an important post in the French-occupied zone of Germany. This man, who is actually another and one who had nothing, gains everything: honour, admiration, friendship, power, love... But for how long...