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Out of Competition
Directed by :
Kevin SMITH 
128.00 minutes


A lone hero sets off on a fantastical journey, joined by a band of misfits marching on to a common goal to save humanity. While each traveler has his and her own set of beliefs, in their quest to save mankind, each will be forced to confront their faith, and ultimately find their own relationship with God. At the center of the fable is Bethany, who is called up by Metatron to stop two renegade angels, Bartleby and Loki from unmaking existence in their quest to return home. Along the way, Bethany is aided by two unlikely prophets, Jay and Silent Bob, a man who falls to earth claiming to be the 13th Apostle and a heavenly muse.

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SOTAVENTO - 17 rue Saint-Vincent-de-Paul 75010 Paris FRANCE - T: 33 (0)1 44 63 04 01