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In Competition – Feature Films
Directed by :
  • Prix de la meilleure contribution artistique au Festival International du Film, 1985


Yukio Mishima's life is one of the most instructive of any major artist. A prolific and internationally acclaimed author, he grew disenchanted with words and step-by-step transformed his life into a work of art. This was not lunacy - as many wish to believe- but a brutally logical progression from being the "seer" (one who perceives art) to being the "seen" (the art object itself). Mishima became one of his own literary creations; he splashed his final statement on the canvas of his own body. The aggressively contradictory nature of Mishima's life defies the objective distance of conventional biography. I chose instead to explore the qualities which brought me to Mishima. I divided his life into 4 thematic "chapters", illustrating each chapter with scenes from his last day, his past, and excerpts from his novels. 15 years after his death, Yukio Mishima remains an extremely controversial figure in Japan. The film production has been fraught with difficulties arising from this controversial. Its a legacy Yukio Mishima would have enjoyed.