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Out of Competition
Directed by :
Tsui HARK Ringo LAM Johnnie TO 
101.00 minutes


Life has not been kind to drinking buddies Sam, Fai, and Mok as they struggle to make ends meet. That is until one stormy evening a mysterious old man appears before them in a bar with a ‘get rich quick’ scheme: An ancient treasure is buried under a high-security Government Building. All they have to do is slip in and retrieve it, if they believe his story.

The friends agree to make a run for the treasure and test their fate but what they uncover is far beyond anything they had dreamt of: An ancient coffin containing a ceremonial robe made of gold. According to Mok, who deals antiques, the robe is worth millions. The thought of getting rich puts the men's friendship to the ultimate test as all three are plagued with uncontrollable thoughts of greed.

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