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Un Certain Regard
Directed by :
Moufida TLATI 
122.00 minutes


In Djerba, Aicha, 18, has married Said who works eleven months a year in Tunis.
From the honeymoon on, Aicha expresses her desire to break free from the tradition and leave for Tunis.
The brave and bold young woman proposes to weave carpets in order to earn enough money to make her dream come true.
Said imposes one condition: she must give birth to a son. In the beginning, the homecoming of the men is a pretext for a cebration for the women are preparing with joy: the applying of the henné, the bath, the laughs; Then as years go by, Aicha, Zeineb, Zohra and Fatma become disillusioned.
Aicha gave birth to two daughters, and Aziz's birth brings the dream closer to life. But this much awaited son bears his mother's heartbreak.
Years later, Aicha returns with Aziz, her daughters, the loyal Zeineb, to the old Djerba home, "the Menzel", to understand the past, retrieve trust, peace and serenity.
Moufida TLATI
Moufida TLATI