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Un Certain Regard - 1er film
Directed by :
Slawomir FABICKI 
103.00 minutes


The hard-hitting and intense story of a 19-year-old who, in his fight to support the woman in his life and her child, is forced to enter into a world of evil.
Brought up without a father Wojtek lives in Slask. It's a grey world and it's hard to believe in a future when all that surrounds you are derelict coalmines and poverty-stricken streets. Here, even love comes harder. Wojtek is in love with an older woman, Katja - a Ukrainian emigrant with a child, and is ready to do anything to ensure her legal right to stay in Poland. However, the world of illegal boxing matches, small time gangsters, and debt retrieval has him cornered. The more he fights for a better life for his girlfriend and her child, the lower he himself falls. How much will he have to sacrifice to free himself from a world

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Slawomir FABICKI



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