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Around the selection 2012 : Cannes Junior



Patrice Leconte presents an animation film in Cannes Junior: The Suicide Shop. A feature film with undertones of black humour, adapted from the novel of the same name by Jean Teulé.

"I loved Jean Teulé's book," admits Patrice Leconte. "What I found engaging is the way it is very dark and yet very joyful at the same time." The Tuvache family runs a prosperous shop in a grey, morose and sad imaginary village. The suicide shop is the store that sells every imaginable means of making the transition from life to death. Ropes, poisons, traps, there are so many methods in this city where people have lost their zest for life. But a crisis befalls this almost-happy family: the birth of their third son. A disgrace for the Tuvache clan, because this chid is not normal: he loves life…


Screening Thursday, May, 24 at 2:30 pm - Salle du Soixantième

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