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In Competition - Feature Films


Directed by : Robert ALTMAN

Country : UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, FRANCE Length : 115 minutes


It's Kansas City, 1934, the eve of one of "Boss" Tom Pendergast's violent elections. The city is wide-open in the midst of the Depression, reverberating to the energy of non-stop jazz. Blondie O'Hara, a young telegraph operator, concocts a desperate plan to kidnap Carolyn Stilton, the socialite wife of an advisor to President Roosevelt. Her goal is to exchange Mrs Stilton for her petty thief of a husband, who has been caught by the legendary gangster Seldom Seen. Surrounded by moral turbulence, the two women forge a relationship that changes from abductor and captive to near-trusting friends as they head towards an inevitable transforming conclusion.


- Script / Dialogue

- Cinematography

- Music

- Film Editor

- Director

- Script / Dialogue

- Set decorator


- Carolyn Stilton

- Seldom Seen

- Johnny O'Hara

- Johnny Flynn

- Blondie O'Hara

- Henry Stilton

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