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    Admission to screenings

    Different types of access

    Your badge gives you acces to the Festival area and screenings (Official Selection, Marché du Film, parallel sections) depending on your accreditation category: 



    Ticketed admissions

    To guarantee admission to the Official Selection screenings, you will need to book a digital ticket (e-ticket). You can do so via your accreditation account.

    E-tickets are for strictly personal use only and cannot be sold. Offenders do so at their own risk, and may be prosecuted.

    Badge-holder admissions

    You can access Official Selection screenings in all rooms with a last-minute queue upon showing your badge. Admission is not guaranteed and is subject to seat availability. Every year, 4,000 people enjoy access to last-minute screenings.

    You can also use your badge to access the Cannes Court Métrage screening areas.

    Accredited 3 Days in Cannes visitors (second period) enjoy access to a dedicated line-up of films from the Official Selection. Admission upon showing your badge at the Cinéma des Arcades.


    For more information on screenings admissions as a badge-holder, please check the overview table of the different screenings admissions types, or head over to your My Account area.

    Free admissions

    Every evening from 9:30pm on, the Cinéma de la Plage provides open-air screenings for all to enjoy.

    Admission: Plage Macé beach

    Best practices

    No video/audio/photo recording

    No selfies on the Steps,
    neither in the screening theatres

    No mobile phones in the screening theatres

    Dress Code required