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Official Services : TV Festival de Cannes



 This year's TV Festival de Cannes, co-produced by CANAL +, Orange et le Festival de Cannes, will cover the red carpet, the press conferences, the photo calls and interviews as well as a number of important other events.

TV Festival de Cannes will be broadcast in French and English throughout the Palais complex and in most hotels along the Croisette on the TV Orange, Canal 30 and Canal 32 channels in the CANAL+ and CANALSAT packages on OTT. It will also be available on YouTube  and Dailymotion, on computers, smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) as well as on the official Festival de Cannes website.

All images will be made available to the media and to all Official Partners of the Festival de Cannes free of charge from 13 to 31 May, on condition that they are not used for commercial purposes.

To find out more about the conditions of use, please read the Press Guide.


Maiténa Chrétien: /+33(0)1 53 98 82 14 / +33 (0) 7 86 72 98 12


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