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Un Certain Regard


Directed by : Max FAERBERBOECK

Year of production : 2003 Country : GERMANY Length : 112 minutes


After September 11th 2001 in Germany: They meet casually, more or less by chance, and return to their everyday lives. The eight figures in September come from different worlds, linked by one thing: they are all at the mercy of their conflicting emotions, their absolute inner turmoil reflected in, at times, unpredictable behaviour. The film offers a series of snapshots, not a key to a new way of life. It sheds light on a particular slice of time, the immediacy and synchronicity of events and their impact on individuals. A well-rounded, coherent composition emerges, demonstrating the continuum between the public and the private sphere, how the incomprehensible shock that hit society filters through into individual lives. The ways in which society's helplessness and the inability to act are m



Max FAERBERBOECK - Script / Dialogue

Moritz RINKE - Script / Dialogue

Sarah KHAN - Script / Dialogue

Matthias PRACHT - Script / Dialogue

Maria SCHEIBELHOFER - Script / Dialogue

Carl-F KOSCHNICK - Cinematography

Knut LOEWE - Set decorator

Dario MARIANELLI - Music

Ewa LIND - Film Editor


Catharina SCHUCHMANN - Julia

Justus VON DOHNANYI - Philipp Scholz

Nina PROLL - Lena

Jörg SCHUTTAUF - Helmer

Moritz RINKE - Baumberger

Solveig ARNARSDOTTIR - Susanne

Film poster © DR



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