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The Marché du Film, an undisputed leader

Each year Cannes is transformed into an international business centre. A place to meet industry professionals, make deals, share views and see your projects forge ahead. The Marché du Film is the film industry's biggest annual get-together and a forum for over 12,000 professionals, including 3,200 producers, 1,200 sellers, 1,750 buyers and 800 festival programmers.

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The Festival de Cannes is the world's leading motion picture event. It reflects the dual nature of film as art and industry, with a focus both on revealing new talents and on the professional meetings that take place in the context of the Marché du film.

The Marché, which takes place in parallel to the Festival, is the world's biggest gathering of film industry professionals, who come to buy and sell the rights to films, team up with partners for future coproductions and build their professional network. It is a forum for sharing, but also offers excellent visibility through a host of services offering meetings, stand space and screenings.

Over 50 years of expertise

Since its first ever season in 1946, the Festival de Cannes has always celebrated the passion of cinema.

Over the years, the ever increasing number of participants and the emergence of new economic conditions have made the Festival the place in which to meet other film industry professionals each year.

The first Marché du Film came into being in 1959 with a few dozen participants and a single projection room in a tent on the roof of the old Palais Croisette. This tiny market gradually turned into an international event, designed, organised and planned with one sole objective: the success of films everywhere. Nearly 50 years later, the Marché now draws 12,000 participants, who make the most of this unique opportunity to present and discover around 4,000 films and projects across 34 projection rooms.

After the opening of the Riviera in May 2000, and the Lérins a few years later, a genuine film industry hub emerged, centered around the celebrated Palais du Festival and the "Village International" – a forum for promoting motion pictures from all four corners of the globe. As a result of this development, the Marché du Film now plays host to ever-growing numbers of visitors and exhibitors in a work environment with high approval ratings from 97.8 of the professionals present.


Présentation du Marché du Film

The future

The world leadership of the Marché du Film de Cannes depends on high standards: striving to serve the industry ever more effectively and thus maintaining a close dialogue with the needs of the profession, adapting its tools to the new standards of the market, encouraging ever more meetings and contributing to the economic well being of the film industry as a whole.


Key figures

In 2017, participation in the Marché du Film reached 12,360 accredited members, including 1,756 buyers from 5,402 companies.

The countries

The 2017 edition has closed with a record in registrations this year. There was a significant increase of attendees from China (+21% with 600 participants) and Japan (+13% with 309 participants). Afganistan, Honduras, Macau, Mali, Ouzbekistan were new countries participating at the Marché. Kenya was back after several years absent.

Films & projections

3,820 films were presented at the Marché du Film this year. 1500 of the films were screened, including 710 previews.

Vr & Docs

Following a steady increase in recent years, the number of documentatries for sale has reached 650, 110 more than last year. 85 VR Films at NEXT made for 5,300 viewings, including tickets delivered for VR experiences and for the 30-seat VR NEXT Theater.




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