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18 May
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Lars Von Trier : "I like the notion of suffering and of guilt driving melancholy"

the 18.05.2011 at 12:00 AM - Updated on 05.06.2011 at 8:04 PM

The Danish film director Lars Von Trier, along with Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg and the rest of the Melancholia team, responds to questions from journalists. Extracts.


Lars Von Trier on the plot of Melancholia :

"For me, it's not really a film about the end of the world but about a state of mind: melancholy. The planet is in the process of being destroyed, yet what's the point of being worried by it as we're all going to die anyway!"


Lars Von Trier on melancholy:

"I've experienced several melancholic phases in my life. I like the notion of suffering and of guilt driving melancholy. Melancholy exists in the art I like and is an integral part of the most successful artistic forms. Even when I try to do comedies, they become melancholic!"


Charlotte Gainsbourg on the work of Lars Von Trier :

"Before Antichrist, I didn't know how he worked. This time, everything was very different, even if our collaboration went in the same direction. Lars doesn't always answer our questions, but I prefer to be kept in the dark to a certain degree".


Kirsten Dunst on depression :

"Depression is about discovering who you are. People who have been faced with depression always emerge stronger. That is what happens with my character, who becomes ever stronger as the film progresses".


Lars Von Trier on the romance in Melancholia :

"When I saw the stills, I began to reject the romance. Wagner's music carried us away to a point where everything had become a bit over-romantic. It's possible that it's not even worth watching this film!"


Written by B.P.


Further to Lars Von Trier's comments during his press conference, the Festival de Cannes has issued a press release available here.


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