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18 May
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Ulrich Seidl: "Mass tourism is a way of talking about the world"

the 18.05.2012 at 12:00 AM - Updated on 26.05.2012 at 11:36 AM

Margarethe Tiesel © FIF/CB
Margarethe Tiesel © FIF/CB

Ulrich Seidl held a press conference for Paradise: Love, surrounded by actors (Margarethe Tiesel, Peter Kazungu and Inge Sore), his co-writer (Veronika Franz) and his two cinematographers (Ed Lachman, Wolfgang Thaler)


Ulrich Seidl on his pessimistic view of human beings, with the women (Sugar Mama) and men (beachboys) who mutually exploit each other:
"It's not the question of the film. The positivity, negativity, optimism, pessimism do not count. What I've tried to express is rather a feeling of isolation and loneliness. These women of a certain age no longer receive the love they need in their country. And in the film, this desire for happiness comes through their sexuality. In addition, romantic relationships are always something difficult in life. You find love, you lose it, you look for it again and that's how it is all your life."


Ulrich Seidl on the dominance of the white women's perspective compared to that of the beachboys:
"It's a film about European women. We made no attempt to present a social portrait of the beach boys. But I am working on another project that will more closely address these men. That will be my next film. (...) Mass tourism is a source of inspiration for me. We wrote a script on mass tourism, which can result in several films, because it is a way of talking about the world."


Margarethe Tiesel on how she approached this challenging role and nudity:
"Obviously it was not easy to be out of my comfort zone, it was a struggle. At one point, Ulrich Seidl said, "if we continue using "vous" between characters, it's not going to happen."


Comments taken by B. de M.


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