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19 May
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Cristian Mungiu: "I try to make a different kind of cinema"

the 19.05.2012 at 12:00 AM - Updated on 26.05.2012 at 11:34 AM

Film crew © FIF/LF
Film crew © FIF/LF

After his Palme d'Or for 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, the Romanian director Cristian Mungiu returns to Cannes for Beyond the Hills. Selected In Competition, its main themes are religion, superstition and love. The film crew answered questions from journalists.


Cristian Mungiu on his view of cinema:
"I try to make a different kind of cinema, a different type of film. I do not want the director to be very visible. The music and editing are external elements and I did not want to over-use them. I don't think we need to tell the audience when they should feel moved or not. I am also sure that interpretations will be different in France and in Romania."


Dana Tapalaga on her difficulties playing the role:
"Playing the role of the mother superior was very difficult because it goes against my beliefs. I am very religious and what Alina does in the film is not natural for me. I nevertheless hope that the priests in Romania will still allow me to go into their churches even after having seen this film."


Cristian Mungiu on the cinema crisis in Romania:
"The problem is that Romanian cinema is very popular here but not in Romania. The people there want American mainstream productions. So when a young person reaches 18 and has only watched American TV series, he is not going to be looking for arthouse cinema. The cause of our crisis is not the same as 5 years ago when we did not have enough screens, now it is due to the viewer's education."


Beyond the Hills will be screened in the Grand Théâtre Lumière on 19th May 2012 at 15:30.


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