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22 May
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Ken Loach: "The British middle class is obsessed with swear words"

the 22.05.2012 at 12:00 AM - Updated on 22.05.2012 at 10:43 PM

Film crew © FIF/CD
Film crew © FIF/CD

Ken Loach presented The Angels' Share alongside his producer Rebecca O'Brien, his screenwriter Paul Laverty, and two of his actors Paul Brannigan and Charlie Maclean: a light-hearted press conference where issues of whiskey, politics and censorship were discussed.



On the filiation between The Angels' Share and Kes


Ken Loach: "Whiskey plays a similar role for Robbie as the bird does for Billy Casper in Kes. It's actually thanks to whiskey that we discover Robbie's talent. But the big difference is that Kes took place during the 60s and Billy Casper had a job. In 2012, Robbie doesn't have a job. His talent for whiskey is a way of observing this boy's energy and determination. "


On the difficult situation in Scotland


Paul Laverty: "The idea was to show that despite unemployment, despite the crisis, young people are looking to the future and want to do something with their lives."

Paul Brannigan
: "I know a lot of people like Robbie in Glasgow. Me too, I was unemployed, I'd borrowed money. This role saved me."


On censorship


Rebecca O'Brien: "We had to change some of the film's language so that it could be classified as a 15. Some films have been banned for under 18s for the same reason."

Ken Loach: "We could only use certain swear words. In fact, we were only allowed to keep the words that were not aggressive. We had to censor the other ones. The problem is that the British middle class is obsessed with swear words."



Comments taken by B. de M.


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