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by - Carmel Dagan - 20 January 2016

Italian Writer-Director Ettore Scola Dies at 84
 Ettore Scola, one of the last of a generation of great Italian writers and directors, who was best known for “Il Sorpasso” (1962), “We All Loved Each Other So Much” (1974), “A Special Day” (1977), “The Family” (1987) and “The...

by - Rhonda Richford - 1 December 2015

Foreign-Language Oscar Spotlight: of Sheep and Men in Iceland Entry 'Rams'
Grimur Hakonarson's stark comedy is the story of two estranged brothers, both sheep farmers, whose flocks are threatened by a disease outbreak.

by - Guy Lodge - 24 November 2015

Cannes Film Review: ‘Macbeth’
Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender excel in Justin Kurzel's thrillingly savage interpretation of the Scottish Play.

by - Rex Reed - 11 November 2015

An Enchanting New Documentary Examines Ingrid Bergman
The last time I saw Ingrid Bergman, she was sitting on my living room floor, eating dinner off the coffee table. Some friends on a lower floor had graciously loaned her their apartment while she was in town to consult an army of cancer doctors.

by - 22 October 2015

The surreal world of 'The Lobster' director Yorgos Lanthimos
In the gently surreal, dystopian parable of 'The Lobster', which stars Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz, being single is a crime, and offenders must find a partner or be transformed into an animal. Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos spoke to Jason Di Rosso.