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Le Quotidien 2004

12 Mai
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Official Opening of the Cannes Festival

Le 12.05.2004 à 20:05 - Mis à jour le 28.05.2004 à 19:46

English version available soon
The Cannes International Film Festival is officially open. It was Pedro Almod¢var and his film crew representing Bad Education (La Mala educaci¢n) who had the pleasure of being the first film honoured on the red carpet for this 57th Festival, in a festive spirit despite the raindrops. Many celebrities and dignitaries arrived for the opening ceremony, including Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres (French Culture Minister) and Viviane Reding (European Commissioner for Education and Culture), Marc Tessier (President of FranceTélévisions), as well as filmmakers Jacques Perrin, Christophe Barratier and Gérard Jugnot.
Max Von Sydow, who will give the Actors Masterclass and who is being honoured by the Festival, was accompanied by a delegation of French actors: Laetitia Casta, Natacha Régnier, Emmanuelle Devos, François Berléand and Vincent Perez. The latter is in Cannes promoting the Un Certain Regard opening film, the first feature from director Léa Fazer entitled Bienvenue en Suisse. Jean-Paul Gaultier, who collaborated with costume designer Paco Delgado on Almod¢var's Bad Education (La Mala educaci¢n), was also spotted on the red carpet.
Invited by the Festival, striking self-employed actors and technicians were also up front and centre. In the spirit of "negotiation" each member of the delegation wore one of the letters spelling out this key word. And of course, all the jury members paraded up the red carpet led by Jury President Quentin Tarantino, who was accompanied by Sofia Coppola. This red-carpet walk was brought to a close by the arrival of Pedro Almod¢var and his two young leading actors Fele Mart¡nez and Gael Garc¡a Bernal.
Italian actress Laura Morante, Mistress of Ceremony, presented the opening ceremony and jury. A very enthusiastic Quentin Tarantino announced: "I love cinema and it's an honour for me to be president at this magnificent festival. VIVE LE CINEMA! "
Pedro Almod¢var was then welcomed on stage by his favourite actresses invited especially for the occasion: Victoria Abril, Carmen Maura, Angelina Molia, Marisa Paredes and Leonor Watling. Together - each in a different language - they had the honour of announcing the 57th edition of the Cannes Festival officially open. Pedro Almod¢var dedicated the event to the victims of the Madrid terrorist attacks last March. Dim the lights, start the projectors...


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