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Martina GUSMAN



Martina Gusman was born in Buenos Aires, she study Arts in -UBA- Buenos Aires University; Performance at the traditional Labarden Institute and later with the theater master Carlos Gandolfo. In 2002, she co-founded MATANZA CINE developing a prolific career as Producer in feature films and documentaries wellknown in the major festivals. Over the past decade, she earn producing credits on Pablo Trapero´s films "El Bonaerense", "Rolling Family" at Venice Film Festival and Albertina Carri’s "Gemini" and "La rabia" participating in Cannes and Berlin Film Festivals; plus others independent argentinians films she produce before taking her first role in "Born and Bred." Being the leading actress of "Lions den" and "Carancho" directed by Pablo Trapero she was in Competition (2008) and Un Certain Regard (2010), at The Festival de Cannes.

Filmes apresentados em Cannes

  • 2012 - ELEFANTE BLANCO - Un Certain Regard Actor
  • 2010 - CARANCHO - Un Certain Regard Actor
  • 2008 - LEONERA - Em Competição – Longas-metragens Actor

Membros do júri

  • 2011 - Longas-metragens - Membro