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Since her first role at age 13 in Elie Chouraqui¿s Paroles et musique, Charlotte Gainsbourg¿s talent has evolved with her cinematic characters. From the almost awkward modesty of her early roles in such films as Claude Miller¿s L¿Effrontée (Impudent Girl) and La petite voleuse (The Little Thief), Bertrand Blier¿s Merci la vie (Thanks for Life), and Marion Vernoux¿s Love etc., she has become an actress of depth and quality ¿ a fact confirmed in 2000 when she won a Best Supporting Actress César for her role in Danièle Thompson¿s La bûche (Season¿s Beatings). As the daughter of Jane Birkin, she has also had no problems in branching out into English-speaking roles, such as the title character in Franco Zeffirelli¿s Jane Eyre, for which she achieved both personal and international success. Her ongoing evolution continues in her latest role in Yvan Attal¿s Ma femme est une actrice.

Filmes apresentados em Cannes

A lista de Prémios

  • 2009 - Prémio de interpretação feminina - ANTICHRIST - Em Competição – Longas-metragens

Membros do júri

  • 2001 - Longas-metragens - Membro