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Born February 2 in Tbilissi (Georgia). Majored in mathematics at Moscow University. He studied stage direction at the Moscow Institute of Cinema. From 1959 to 1965, he made ten short films. 1962: April. 1966: Falling of Leaves. 1970: There was Once a Singing Blackbird 1976: Pastoral. 1982: 7 Parts For Black and White Cinema 1983: Euskadi. 1984: Favorites of the Moon. 1988: A Little Monastery in Tuscany (Doc.). 1989: And There Was Light. 1992: Chasing Butterflies. 1994: Alone, Georgia (Doc.). 1996: Brigands, Chapter VII. 1999: Goodbye, Home Sweet Home

Filmes apresentados em Cannes

Membros do júri

  • 2000 - Caméra d or - Presidente