EAST OF EDEN Elia KAZAN 1955 - 01:55

Emotionally overwhelming adaptation of the John Steinbeck novel about two brother's rivalry for the affection and love of their father.Jo Van Fleet wins Oscar, as James Dean's character's mother. East Of Eden gave Hollywood it's first look at Dean's unorthodox style and powerful presence in a performance that still reasonates with audiences today.

REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE Nicholas RAY 1955 - 01:51

A vivid portrait of youthful alienation, that spoke to a whole generation in it's time, and remains wrenchingly powerful today. James Dean's seminal performance in the motion picture that defined youthful rebellion. The story of a kid from a good home who turns out "bad" - alone, misunderstood and volatile, as he faces adulthood and life.


ENAMORADA Emilio FERNANDEZ 1946 - 01:44

During the Mexican Revolution, General José Juan Reyes’ troops invade a peaceful town to get their hands on the rich inhabitants’ fortunes to finance the army. During the process, Reyes meets Beatriz Peñafiel, daughter of the wealthiest man in the town who makes him crave for the one thing he has not had in his life: love. The beauty and arrogance of Beatriz finally tames the gentle macho General... or is it the other way around?

LA PERLA Emilio FERNANDEZ 1947 - 01:28

Quino is a humble fisherman who is desperately looking for help for his baby, who got stung by a poisonous scorpion . However the local doctor refuses to treat his son because he knows that Quino can't afford to pay for his services. Fate turns in his favor, Quino's baby gets well and he finds a huge pearl in the middle of the ocean that will most likely end his money problems. When the doctor finds out about this, he tries to take advantage of the situation and along with his brother, they decide to go after the pearl, they are determined to get it, not caring about the consequences

LOS OLVIDADOS Luis BUÑUEL 1950 - 01:27

The masterpiece of Luis Buñuel – recently classified as “World’s Memory” by UNESCO -, shows the miserable lives of a group of children in the “lost cities” and poor districts of Mexico City.
After running away from a reformatory school, “Jaibo” meets with a gang of street boys to plan several assaults. Pedro, one of the gang members who is always searching for his mother’s love and care, gives shelter to “Ojitos”, a farm boy abandoned in the street. The destinies of the main characters come dramatically together when “Jaibo”, in front of Pedro, murders the guy who supposedly betrayed him.
Granted with the Palma de Oro for best director in the 1951 Cannes Festival.

SALÓN MÉXICO Emilio FERNANDEZ 1949 - 01:31

Mecedes works as a dancer in Salón México” to finance the exclusive boarding school of her little sister Beatriz. Lupe López, the man in charge of security, is in love with Mercedes and has discovered her secret life. As partner of Paco, a low-down scoundrel, Mercedes wins a dance contest but Paco refuses to share the prize with her. In a desperation rage, she decides to recover what rightfully belongs to her and steals the prize money from him. Paco will do anything to take revenge but will have to come face to face with the love and unconditional protection of Lupe towards Mercedes.


49TH PARALLEL Michael POWELL 1941 - 02:02

After sinking many helpless merchant ships in Canadian waters, a Nazi U-boat is trapped and sunk by the Canadian Air Force. The only survivors are a fanatical Nazi captain and his five crew, who had been sent ashore to reconnoitre before the attack.

They stumble across an Eskimo village where Scott, Peter and his Eskimo servant live. Also present is Johnnie, a French trapper, who panics when held at gunpoint and is shot by one of the Nazis. An emergency plane is sent to investigate, but is hijacked by the Germans who intend to fly to neutral America. When the plane arrives, there is a scuffle but the plane manages to take off. Shortly afterwards the plane crashes and one of the Germans is killed.

Will the Nazis be caught before they kill again?


Squadron Leader Peter Carter (David Niven) is alone in a blazing plane over the English Channel and is about to bale out without a parachute. During what he feels are his last moments Peter confides to a young American WAC (Kim Hunter) his thoughts on love and poetry. Then he jumps, falling through the fog into the sea and is washed ashore. He appears to be unhurt and by some strange coincidence meets the WAC and falls in love. But all is not as it seems, he has suffered severe concussion and experiences a series of strange hallucinations, brought on by intense headaches, in which he sees characters from the Other World. Principle among them is an eighteenth century French Conductor (Marius Goring) who tries to get him to leave for the Other World.

Peter is treated by a brain surg


Based on a novel by Rumer Godden, Black Narcissus stars Deborah Kerr and Jean Simmons as nuns dedicated to the Indian mission in which they work. Obstacles in the life of a nun’s community high in the Himalayas range from a cynical British Agent to suspicious natives, and the arduous terrain surrounding them.

The mission prospers, but often at the expense of spiritual progress. A sick child dies, a mission pupil elopes and one of the nuns falls to her death after an emotional breakdown. The sisters finally retreat from the mission and the menacing mountains, but with the knowledge that their work has not been devoid of good results.


Joan Webster, through the forces of circumstance and environment, believes that money is the yardstick by which her future happiness can be measured. When she leaves her native town to marry the wealthy tenant of a tiny Hebridean island she believes her future is assured.

But even money cannot control the weather in the Hebrides and Joan finds herself storm-bound on the Isle of Mull. Here she meets a new world of people, a world in which there is happiness and contentment – but very little money.

Joan meets Torquil, the Laird of Kiloran. They fall in love, but Joan finds it hard to identify with this new life, and struggles against her love for Torquil up until the last moment when she realises that she cannot live without him.

THE EDGE OF THE WORLD Michael POWELL 1937 - 01:15

The Edge of the World tells the moving story of a remote island and its inhabitants, whose traditions and way of life are threatened by a rapidly industrialising world. To settle an argument over whether the islanders should give up their livelihood and move to the mainland, two childhood friends follow an ancient tradition and climb the island’s highest cliff face. The outcome shatters the island’s peace and splits the two clans apart.

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