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The Feature Film Jury

The Feature Film Jury gathered today for the traditional press conference at the onset of the Festival. The President Isabelle Huppert and jury members Asia Argento, Shu Qi, Sharmila Tagore, Robin Wright Penn, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, James Gray, Hanif Kureishi and Lee Changdong talked about their impressions and motivations in accepting jury duty at this 62nd edition. Highlights.

Isabelle Huppert on judging her peers:
I don’t think we are here to judge; I think we are here to love films and to see what we love more than others. I think it’s very difficult in general to explain and to express why you love something. I think it’s a very old debate, since humanity exists. Why are you touched by a work of art, not only a film, but why are you touched a piece of music, why are you touched by a painting? It’s a deep issue, you know. So I think it’s a way beyond judgement and I think we’ll try to bring a bit of our souls in watching what we are seeing, knowing that it’s a little bit of their souls which are being shown to us.

Robin Wright Penn talked about her feelings on giving awards:
That’s funny, because the word “judge” to me is so negative because I believe why we’re all artists the way we are, of expression, we have a pulse and the way films and the lyric inside of the film touches that pulse will be different for all of us, and therefore I feel like we’re going to share what those mean to us. And we will maybe disagree on certain tones, but the beauty of it is to share what our heart is feeling. I don’t think it’s so much about who is better than who, it’s whose heart was beating faster, depending on the piece.

Nuri Bilge Ceylan on first reactions:
I’ll try to be very careful because I also don’t trust myself, because, you know, Cannes is the kind of place that the possibility of having very original films is very high. Original films may seem boring or dull at first because my own history has lots of examples that in the first scene I hated the film, but with time it was the film of my life. So this feeling makes me not just listen to the voice of my heart but also I have to be very careful. I have to find a combination of my heart and my brain… The first reaction is not trustable most of the time.

Isabelle Huppert further spoke about first reactions:
I totally agree concerning our first feelings about a film…Cinema equates with emotion, but also reflection. That’s what inspires me. It shouldn’t have a dulling effect but rather awaken us, heighten our spirits. It is also necessary to be humble when talking about the Palme D’or award since the Festival history has shown us that we can’t always appreciate the true value of the works. We are who we are and we will do our maximum.

Lee Changdong on possible biases in favor of the Korean film in competition:
During Cannes, my nationality is “movie.”


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The Feature Film Jury

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The Feature Film Jury

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