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All The Cinemas of the World: Spotlight on India


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Last evening with the spotlight on India, Tous les Cinemas du Monde opened with an evening at the Majestic Beach. Ex-Miss World, Aishwarya Rai, was on hand for the celebration. Tous les Cinemas du Monde was originally inaugurated in 2005 by the Cannes Festival so as to underline the importance of cultural diversity represented in all the cinematographic territories around the world.

Unveiling its many colors from May 19 - 25 in the Village International-Pantiero, this third edition will continue the tradition with a look at the film production of the different countries selected this year: India, Lebanon, Poland, Colombia, Slovenia and Africa.

The Indian program presented two categories of films: popular movies known the world over as Bollywood and an emerging cinema that is more attentive to changes in society. Included on the film program are: Saira by Dr. Biju, Missed Call by Mridul Toolsidass and Vinay Subramanian, Guru by Mani Ratnam and Dharm by Bhavna Talwar.

Photo Copyright Bertille Blard-Quintard

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