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Best Director: Julian Schnabel for "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"


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The prize for Best Director was awarded by Michelle Yeoh to Julian Schnabel for Le Scaphandre et le Papillon (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly).

Julian Schnabel expressed his gratitude: "Thank you, I’d like to thank Mathieu Amalric. As I came up, I wanted to start singingThank goodness for little girls, they grow up…’ and I did, because I thought I was making a movie about a paralyzed guy but I realized I was making a film about women. I want to thank Max Von Sydow, Niels Arestrup, Patrick Chesnais and all the French actors that were ‘chaleureux avec moi’; Many times I’ve heard that the problem with France is the French, but that’s a lie. I have to thank Jerome Seydoux, who has been the most congenial distributor I’ve ever met in my life, and his family. And I have to say to my sons and daughters. If I did get the palme d’Or, I was going to give it to Bernado Bertolucci. It doesn’t matter if I didn’t get it. Thank all of you for your generosity, Gilles Jacob and Thierry. In my wildest dreams I would never believe I was here because I’m just a movie fan, I never thought I’d be a movie director, but I was crazy about the hit. Thank you and see you around."

Julian Schnabel addressed the press about winning the Best Director Award: “It would be exactly the same if I won the Palme d’Or. I was doing it spontaneously. I don’t really see the difference. I didn’t make this movie to get a prize. I’m very happy that everyone included me in this club. There are a lot of people who have walked up these stairs and shown their movies here. So for me it’s a great honor to be included.”

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