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Grand Prize: Naomi Kawase for "The Mourning Forest"


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The Grand Prize was awarded by Carole Bouquet to Naomi Kawase for The Mourning Forest.

Naomi Kawase had these words to say: "It's wonderful to have been able to make films and to continue making them. I'm happy. It's very difficult to make a film. I think it's as difficult as living; it is similar to life. In a life, you also encounter many difficulties, many things that make you suffer; there are many things that make you hesitate or stumble on your path. At those moments, I believe, you look for something deep within that can restore your confidence and strength. You try to find strengths – and I don't mean money, cars, or clothing – it's not necessarily something visible. It can be the wind, the light, the memory of the Ancients which gives us their strength. And when you find that foothold in the world, you can be all alone and go on. Thank you for appreciating my film, for recognizing what I wanted to say with it. Thank you very much! This is a wonderful world."

At the laureates' press conference, Naomi Kwase then spoke of her personal evolution: "When I was awarded the Caméra d'Or ten years ago, I didn't have a clue beforehand. The prize fell out of the sky; it was totally unexpected. In the ten years since then, I've made pretty many films; I've continued directing. I felt that there were viewers all over the world who appreciated my filmmaking. I felt I had some responsibility to them. Moreover, as my film was the only Japanese production selected in Competition at Cannes, I felt even greater pressure. It was a burden, a pretty crushing responsibility. I was a bit worried, coming into the auditorium. Over the past ten years, the Festival has grown considerably, and I myself have also progressed. I'm going to keep making films, step by step, trying to match my personal growth to that of Cannes. (...) I wanted the invisible things to be as important as the visible ones. I want the whole world to be aware of this message, and perceive it. I think the Grand Prize will increase the visibility of this message."

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