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Impressions from the Directors: Being part of this body of filmmakers


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During a meeting with the press, certain of the 35 directors present for this 60th celebration shared their impressions about being part of this body of filmmakers.

Elia Suleiman: "It’s exciting for me to say the least, because some of the filmmakers were inspiration for me when I started to make films. I can say easily that a filmmaker like Hou Hsiao Hsien was a great inspiration, so now to see him and me in the same group, which is first of all very flattering and then it’s quite exciting."

Takeshi Kitano: "I have to be honest; some of these filmmakers have made films that are way beyond my filmmaking capacities, so I’m very awestruck."

Amos Gitai: "I think they are powerful filmmakers, independent human beings who have interesting portrayals of the places they come from. They don’t just come with big flags but they also are individuals. So by being individuals they give us a completely different reading of what we are used to thinking about the places they come from."

Raymond Depardon: "I am touched to be among these great filmmakers, to whom we owe even the idea of filming."

Roman Polanski: "I think that putting 35 directors together and having them each making a little film is already an achievement. I would not expect that that would ever work you see. I’m really blown away."

Wim Wenders: "I’m older than the festival; I’m 62. I was at the 50th anniversary. We all get older. I look around this room at all these directors; none of them are youngsters anymore and I think this festival has helped us be who we are, what we are and vice versa. These 35 people have helped the festival to be what it is."

Walter Salles: "It’s a tremendous honor for me to be part of this group, many of whom were very influential in me becoming a filmmaker myself. This invitation to participate is a huge gift."

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