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Impressions from the Directors: the visions of Gilles Jacob


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During a meeting with the press, certain of the 35 directors present for this 60th celebration shared their impressions about Gilles Jacob's visions.

Raymond Depardon: "I have presented films here in Cannes at different periods of time and I’m quite moved that Gilles Jacob would include me in this group of filmmakers. I came to the festival for the first time in 1960 as a young photographer. Cannes presents a cinema for all and also a cinema that requires further reflection. Gilles Jacob is very keen on that."

Raul Ruiz: "It’s a delight to be a preferred filmmaker and especially a favored filmmaker of Gilles Jacob."

Amos Gitai: "I think the fact that Gilles Jacob conceived to transform this 60th meeting point into cinema, makes the meeting on the screen not just in lobbies of hotel. I think it’s a great idea. As long as Gilles is around - the guardian angel and aristocrat of the place - Cannes is a very important meeting point."

Wim Wenders: "Making a film together, it’s an amazing experience. I mean, everyone made their own and only today we realized that we did it as a family. And only tonight we’re going to have that feast together and it is something that we all owe to Gilles, the integrity of his work and the continuity of his work. That he managed to have these relationships with all these people, that he could call all of us on the phone and none of us - more or less - said no. He is a great gentleman of contemporary cinema."

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