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INA/Cannes Festival: New Website


INA3 © Julia Brechler

Billed as “Tales of a Festival” web surfers can discover Cannes Festival highlights on This site was created for film buffs everywhere to discover 60 years of cinema at the Festival as witnessed by the radio, television and Internet – three media generations reunited by a common history, a memory to be shared and a future to be written.

Emmanuel Hoog, managing director at INA, proposed the idea to Gilles Jacob end of last year and they agreed to open this site in celebration of Cannes’ 60th anniversary. “Worldwide websurfers can now explore the 1,500 videos - in French and in English - that retrace 60 years of the Festival, from 1947 to the present,” elaborated Emmanuel Hoog. “Since it was launched a week ago, 80,000 different visitors have been to the site, representing about 10,000 a day, 10% of whom are logging on from outside France. The total pages viewed totals 400,000, and 200,000 videos have been downloaded.”

Photo copyright Julia Brechler

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