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Inauguration of the Exhibition "Starway"


Expo © Déborah Corcos

As part of the 60th-anniversary celebrations, the exhibition "Starway" was officially opened at noon. Located in the Palace gardens, "Starway" offers visitors a stroll through six decades of Cannes Festival history. Thus, during this year's event, festival-goers are invited to discover a number of shots of Brad Pitt, Ingrid Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Allen and Scarlett Johansson, taken on the Croisette or the Palace red carpet.

The inauguration party was attended by Festival President Gilles Jacob; Henry Tang, Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, which provided funding for the project, and Danièle Heymann, curator. Speaking at the opening, Heymann declared, "Starway gives each individual a delightful sniff of the air of time, of passing time, of past times and of the air of Cannes which remains." She further elaborated on the exhibition concept: “The photos were chosen on the basis of emotional impact rather than chronological precision. The Cannes Festival is an event that takes people down memory lane both affectively and emotionally. We all have vivid pictures of the stars in our memory, the bombshells mixed with other Cannes moments. In this exhibit, we attempted to mix periods of time, colors, situations, always evoking emotional memories.”

Photo Copyright Deborah Corcos

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