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Out of Competition: "Sicko" by Michael Moore


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Michael Moore is back on the Croisette, five years after winning the Cannes Festival 55th Anniversary Year Prize for Bowling For Columbine and three years after his Palme d'Or for Fahrenheit 9/11. This time he is presenting his new documentary, Sicko, Out of Competition. After tackling topics like US gun violence in 2002 and President George W. Bush in 2004, this time the filmmaker investigates the flaws in the American health care system. Fifty million people are locked out, because they cannot afford to pay private insurance. Based on testimony from both experts and "the guy in the street," the film probes the medical issues of a complex system. It points out that even patients who are members of HMOs, and thus insured to some degree, may not receive adequate care, because the top priority of these medical insurance companies is their own profit. They'll do anything to avoid spending a lot of money.

Michael Moore sees Sicko as "a call for action" for the American public to change their private health care system and make it fairer. "You can’t have private insurance making these decisions, who are legally responsible to maximize the profits of their shareholders. So how do they maximize profits: to give as little care as possible to the patients. And that to me is immoral in our society," he declared at the film press conference.

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