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Out of Competition: "The Age of Ignorance" by Denys Arcand


Arcand © AFP

Four years after winning the Best Screenplay Award here in Cannes for The Barbarian Invasions, Denys Arcand is presenting the final film of the Official Selection, the Out-of-Competition entry The Age of Ignorance. In this satire of society, the Canadian director from Quebec focuses on Jean-Marc, a simple man, a good civil servant in his own mind, an insignificant husband, failed father and incurable dreamer. Indeed, only his dreams are able - at moments - to relieve his chronic depression.

"There’s a great Hollywood saying that goes: ‘If you have a message, call Western Union.’ It’s not that I don’t have anything to say about the world we live in, it’s just that I have a story to tell. But it’s a story that has some symbolic aspects, for sure. I’d be incapable of making a full-on drama in the same way as I’d be incapable of making 90 minutes of comedy. My films always fluctuate between comedy, tragedy, slapstick, melodrama… That’s why I’m a filmmaker, not a political activist, because I tend to see both sides of every argument."

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