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Press Conference: “Boarding Gate”

Conf Boarding

Conf Boarding © Anne-Laure Bigot

A number of the crew were present for the competition entry, Boarding Gate, and fielded questions from the journalists. Among those present were director Olivier Assayas, actresses Asia Argento, Kelly Lin and Joana Preiss, actor Carl Loong Ng and the producteur Olivier Margolin. Highlights.

Olivier Assayas on Hong Kong: “I had wanted to make a film in Hong Kong for a long time because I love the city and I think it’s just so visually spectacular. It has this incredible energy of its own. It was always in the back of my mind that I should make a film in Hong Kong and I suppose this story gave me an opportunity for that. One aspect of that is that I wanted to shoot in Hong Kong the way Hong Kong filmmakers work, not to do it like Western filmmakers do, bringing their own crews and way of functioning. I wanted to work with a Chinese crew and only a handful of Westerners came with me to work on the film.”

Asia Argento about her character in the film: “The role is one of an international woman of mystery; I think she’s a mystery throughout the movie. I think the audience will not be clear what she is aiming at. I think she is kind of manipulated by men, but at the same time she manipulates them back; she’s obviously a femme fatale with everything that goes with that and at the same time, there are moments when we see her fragilities. She’s the kind of girl who will survive and do her thing no matter what.”

Olivier Assayas on the contrast between Western filmmaking and Asia: “When you work in a foreign city, you have to adjust and it puts into perspective your own habits and it makes you question them. Sometimes there would be a way that seemed incredibly lighter in Hong Kong and other times there were things that I thought the French had solved in more efficient ways. So I tried to combine what I felt was the most helpful within the habits of French crews and within the habits of Hong Kong crews.”

Olivier Assayas on genre films: “In terms of the genre, I wanted so much to make a genre film, a film noir but a modern one, not based on movie logic, but somehow on things going on in the modern world. The film is between dream and reality. There is something very documentary about the Hong Kong scenes shot in the street, but also we are in some fantasy world and we move back and forth. It’s so much like we are in our lives.”

Carl Loong Ng on working with Assayas: “I immediately went out and watched all his films and I decided that Olivier is one of the directors who is very ambiguous and vague as a director. The actors’ performances in Clean were the ones I drew the most from. He allows the actors to run away with what they’re feeling. He doesn’t want to restrict you in what you do. In contrast, in a Hong Kong film, the directors are very specific about what they want you to do.”

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